If you want to learn how to do Social Bookmarking for your website. Then read this post carefully because in this post I described in detail how to do Social Bookmarking easily. It is a very easy Off Page SEO task you can build Social Bookmarking links by doing 4-5 easy steps.

How to do Social Bookmarking in SEO 2021

Things we need to do Social Bookmarking submission:-

  1. First of all, find the best Social Bookmarking sites with high DA and PA.
  2. Then write Unique Title relevant to the page or post.
  3. Then write a unique description (250 Characters) about the Page or Post. It should be unique not should be copied from anywhere.
  4. Page or Post URL

For Example:-

Title: – Best Webs Designing Company in USA 2021

Description: – Are you want to hire the best web designing Company in USA? We, at XYZ Technology LLC, one of the top Web Design & Development Companies in the USA, provide web design and development solutions to USA clients.

Page or Post URL:-  https://www.XYZ.com/web-design-company-usa

The full process of Social Bookmarking:-

Step 1: Select the page or post URL whose you want to do social bookmark.

Step 2: And then select the Bookmarking websites which have good DA & PA and traffic.

Step 3: Then find the Sign Up for register button and create an account on it. After this confirmation email for account verification. It is not compulsory on every website.

Step 4: After it find the button add bookmarking, Add URL, Submit Story, Submit Bookmarking, or Add Link, and Post URL. It may be different on another websites.

Step 5: After publishing your bookmarking last step is you need to note live back link on your Off Page SEO data or link building sheet.

Step 6: Finally, you should not forget to Note down bookmarking link or take screenshot after publish your bookmark as well.

There are different methods on every website of bookmarking some website allows to submit your Bookmark published directly. But some allow you to submit the story for review.

How to submit bookmarks on Reddit:-

Reddit is a most famous and known Social Networking sites which launched in June 2005. Here we can submit post or web page links, web content, images or videos and user can either vote up or down your contents.

Step 1:- First open www.reddit.com.

Step 2:-Next, login or Sigh up your Reddit account.

Step 3:- After login, click on “Submit a new link” button.

Step 4:-Then fill your information about your webpage or post like web page or URL, title, description, image and, choose a subreddit or category in the form, and then Solve Google Captcha then click on “Submit” button.

Step 5:- Then you can find your Submitted Bookmarks in your profile.

How to submit bookmarks on Plurk.com

Plurk.com (launched in May 2008) is a famous bookmarking site. Its Headquarters is in Taipei, Taiwan. Plurk is a very popular social media website. (DA -88 and PA -57). You can submit your post or page link on Plurk by following below steps to get high traffic and backlinks for your website.

Follow below mentioned steps for published your bookmark link in Plurk:-

  1. First Create an account on Plurk
  2. Verify your email for account verification.
  3. Then Login or Sign in
  4. Below you will the tab called “Plurk”
  5. In that box “Plurk” you can the link which you want to bookmark
  6. If you want to hyperlink on your keyword then apply this —
  7. As soon as, you add the link you get your link added in the dashboard upper-side.
How to do Bookmarking on Plurk.com
Benefits of Social Bookmarking links in SEO:-

Read below about benefits of Social Bookmarking in SEO:-

  1. Help to Increases website traffic:- Social Bookmarking helps you get lots of free referral traffic on your website because hundreds of visitors daily visit bookmarking sites. If your content is good and informative then t visitors will click on the link and visit your site to read more information.
  2. Free Platform for online marketing: You can promote your products or website page or post links free of cost on social bookmarking sites and you can marketing of your business and services online in all over the world.
  3. High-Quality Backlinks: Bookmarking sites helps to build quality backlinks.
  4. Help to Improve Google PageRank for Domain Authority: The backlinks generated by bookmarking sites help to improve your website DA & PA.
  5. Help to Faster indexing: Social bookmarking sites help to fast indexing in of your post or page links in search engines.
  6. Give Social Signals:- Search Engine counts social bookmark links as social signals. and help search engines decide how popular your brand is with the public. Content that drives thousands of people to your site increases your domain authority. Higher authority equals higher rank.
  7. Helpful to increase your keywords ranking SERP:- Social bookmarking is a good off page SEO task for improving your targeted Keyword ranking in Search Engine easily.
  8. Help to more Lead Generation: – Social networking sites is the best platform for generating more qualified business leads, if you are promoting your eCommerce website then it will be very helpful to increase your product sales online.

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